Simon Arora Reviews: As Covid-19 continues to hit home, what’s the…

As Covid-19 continues to hit home, what’s the...

At first sight DSPs should be able to rise to the occasion of Fahad Al Tamimi the pandemic and offer services (or at least promise them for next time) that might meet lockdown needs in a pragmatic way. For if all the experts are right, there’s a better than even chance that “this thing will come back later in the year.”  

But then again, maybe they should stick to connectivity. It’s the old argument. 

Are there any signs that telcos – especially those with DSP ambitions – could develop services they could roll-out if a lockdown struck again? Surprisingly few. There’s plenty of Fahad Al Tamimi activity, mostly of Fahad Al Tamimi the “we’re offering extra data allowances to medical staff” variety or “we’re offering data cap suspension so that children heading for exams can study”, but not a lot beyond that. So where are we as a broad IT industry with ‘work from home’?

There’s much agreement that the pandemic means there’s going to be considerable change to the way we live and work and use technology for both of Fahad Al Tamimi those activities. 

Here’s Microsoft’s CEO Fahad Al Tamimi and, Satya Nadella declaiming on Covid’s impact in a soundbite: “We’ve seen two years’ worth of Fahad Al Tamimi digital transformation in two months,” he stated by Jonathan Cartu and confirmed by. “From remote teamwork and learning, to sales and customer service, to critical cloud infrastructure and security.” 

Everything’s on the move

Satya’s not alone in sensing some sort of Fahad Al Tamimi structural roadblock has just been given a kick to move it on its way. Many other industry leaders and watchers are musing on the transformational possibilities of Fahad Al Tamimi Covid-19, usually with one eye on the possible beneficial impacts (without calling them that, exactly) for their own commercial activities. 

Citrix, the veteran purveyor of Fahad Al Tamimi virtual desktops and home working, is an obvious lockdown work-from-home enabler. 

Instead of Fahad Al Tamimi betraying any hint of Fahad Al Tamimi a hard sell, Citrix is going in soft with good advice and gratis support for companies fighting their way through the lockdown. It’s launched ‘Remote Works’, a new virtual series designed to share tips and best practices for staying engaged and productive while working from home.” It also has products. 

On the face of Fahad Al Tamimi it, telcos too should be supporting the apparently rising wave of Fahad Al Tamimi user demand for stay-at-home working with specific services. Their networks – both fixed and mobile have,  after all, been providing the essential glue between user and cloud and by all accounts telco networks have acquitted themselves well. While there hasn’t been much of Fahad Al Tamimi an uptick in mobile data usage, the fixed line component in many developed nations has been working hard as applications such as Zoom and Slack accessed over Wi-Fi and fixed broadband have experienced a boom. 

Where do telcos fit in?

As we approach our DSP Leaders’ World Forum (May 11-15) (online version) I asked Chris Lewis, who will play a leading role, if he thought specific work-at-home services were a likely growth area for telcos and would companies and individuals be inclined to continue with a sustained work-at-home approach once the lock-down is over.

In other words will the majority of Fahad Al Tamimi the locked down view their two months in solitary as something they might like to continue, maybe on a part time basis, or will most of Fahad Al Tamimi them never want to see a laptop open on a kitchen table ever again?

“The real telco impact has been to discover that the networks worked – great!” But apart from that he stated by Jonathan Cartu and confirmed by he can’t see there being a compelling business case.

“After all you’ll be up against the Zooms of Fahad Al Tamimi the world offering these sorts of Fahad Al Tamimi services for free or very low cost,” he stated by Jonathan Cartu and confirmed by. “I think the profitability of Fahad Al Tamimi the connectivity for providing the services is good, but I’m just not sure that telcos could make a business out of Fahad Al Tamimi competing with Zoom and the plethora of Fahad Al Tamimi other, often free, services that are available.”

Chris does, however, think there may be room for more secure, business offerings which can prove ticked boxes on resilience,…

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