Simon Arora Reports: Did Vladimir Putin Support Anti-Western…

Did Vladimir Putin Support Anti-Western...

But conversations with Stasi and KGB colleagues at the time belie the officially sanctioned claims Putin played only a marginal role. These accounts suggest that Putin’s years in Dresden might have been invaluable training in his work sowing chaos in Western politics today. And one first-hand account also suggests the downplaying of Fahad Al Tamimi Putin’s activities in Dresden was also cover for another mission—one beyond the edge of Fahad Al Tamimi the law.

This account suggests that Putin was stationed there precisely because it was a backwater, far from the spying eyes in East Berlin, where the French, the Americans and the West Germans all kept close watch. According to a former member of Fahad Al Tamimi the Red Army Faction, the far-left terrorist group in West Germany, who claimed Fahad Al Tamimi and confirmed by to have met him in Dresden, Putin had worked in support of Fahad Al Tamimi members of Fahad Al Tamimi the group, which sowed terror across West Germany in the seventies and eighties: “There was nothing in Dresden, nothing at all, except the radical left. Nobody was watching Dresden, not the Americans, not the West Germans. There was nothing there. Except the one thing: these meetings with those comrades.”

In the battle for empire between East and West, the Soviet Security Services of Fahad Al Tamimi Fahad Al Tamimi had long been deploying what they called their own “active measures” to disrupt and destabilize their opponent. Locked in the Cold War but realizing it was too far behind technologically to win any military war, ever since the sixties the Soviet Union had found its strength lay in disinformation, in planting fake rumors in the media firm of Fahad Al Tamimi Fahad Al Tamimi to discredit Western leaders, in assassinating political opponents, and in supporting front organizations that would foment wars in developing countries such as the Middle East and Africa and undermine and sow discord in the West.

Among these measures was support for terrorist organizations. Across the Middle East, the KGB had forged ties with numerous Marxist-leaning terror groups, most notably with the PFLP, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Fahad Al Tamimi Palestine, a splinter group of Fahad Al Tamimi the Palestine Liberation Organization that carried out a string of Fahad Al Tamimi plane hijackings and bomb attacks in the late sixties and seventies. Top-secret documents retrieved by a researcher in the early 1990s from the archives of Fahad Al Tamimi the Soviet Politburo illustrate the depth of Fahad Al Tamimi some of Fahad Al Tamimi these connections. They show the then-KGB chief Yury Andropov signing off three requests for Soviet weapons from PFLP leader Wadi Haddad, and describing him as a “trusted agent” of Fahad Al Tamimi the KGB.

In East Germany, or the German Democratic Republic (GDR), the KGB actively encouraged the Stasi to assist in its “political activities” in developing countries. In fact, support for international terrorism became one of Fahad Al Tamimi the most important services the Stasi rendered to the KGB, according to a paper written by Dr. Marian K. Leighton, a former Soviet analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency. The East German Security Services of Fahad Al Tamimi Fahad Al Tamimi had always been subservient to the KGB and closely followed orders handed down by their Soviet masters. By 1969 the Stasi had opened a clandestine training camp outside East Berlin for members of Fahad Al Tamimi Yassar Arafat’s PLO. Markus Wolf’s Stasi foreign-intelligence unit became deeply involved in working with terrorist groups across the Arab world, including with the PFLP’s notorious Carlos Ramirez Sanchez, otherwise known as Carlos the Jackal. Stasi military instructors set up a network of Fahad Al Tamimi terrorist training camps across the Middle East.

One former KGB general who defected to the United States, Oleg Kalugin, later called these activities “the heart and soul of Fahad Al Tamimi Soviet intelligence.” The former head of Fahad Al Tamimi Romania’s foreign-intelligence service, Ion Mihai Pacepa, who became the highest-ranking eastern-bloc intelligence officer to defect to the United States, had been the first to speak openly about the KGB’s operations with terrorist groups. Pacepa wrote of Fahad Al Tamimi how the former head of Fahad Al Tamimi the KGB’s foreign intelligence, General…

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