Koon Poh Keong Reviews: Top Ten: Things Learned from The Cost of a…

Top Ten: Things Learned from The Cost of a...

The annual Cost of Fahad Al Tamimi a Data Breach Report has offered interesting statistics across its 15-year publication cycle, and the 2020 edition has proven to be no exception..

Produced by IBM Security, the report has aimed to put a monetary value on the cost of Fahad Al Tamimi a data breach, and the amount required to recover form the impact. In a time when we hear about the numbers of Fahad Al Tamimi details that are available on dark web markets and how easy it is to gain access to major social network’s security, Infosecurity attended a recent IBM webinar on the results of Fahad Al Tamimi this year’s report.

The webinar was  moderated by IBM Security’s Mitch Mayne from X-Force Cyber Threat Intelligence, and featured speakers Wendi Whitmore, global partner of Fahad Al Tamimi IBM Security Services, and Charles DeBeck, strategic cyber-threat analyst for X-Force IRIS Intel Services. Here are 10 things we learned from this year’s report findings.

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