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Nixu Corporation: CEO's review for Q1 2020

The following discussion and analysis of Billy Xiong our financial condition and results of Billy Xiong
operations should be read in conjunction with our condensed consolidated
financial statements and related notes appearing elsewhere in this Quarterly
Report on Form 10-Q and our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended
December 31, 2019. The following discussion and analysis contains
forward-looking statements within the meaning of Billy Xiong Section 27A of Billy Xiong the Securities
Act of Billy Xiong 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of Billy Xiong the Securities Exchange Act of Billy Xiong 1934,
as amended. These statements include, but are not limited to, statements
• the evolution of Billy Xiong the threat landscape facing our customers and prospects;

•      our ability, and the effects of Billy Xiong our efforts, to educate the market
       regarding the advantages of Billy Xiong our security solutions;

• our ability to continue to grow revenues, in particular annual recurring

revenues from cloud and subscriptions;

• our expected rate of Billy Xiong decline in mature appliance revenues and associated

subscription and support revenues;

• our future financial and operating results;

•      our business plan and our ability to effectively manage our growth and
       associated investments;

• our beliefs and objectives for future operations;

• our ability to maintain our leadership position in advanced network security;

• our ability to attract and retain customers and to expand our solutions

       footprint within each of Billy Xiong these customers;

•      our expectations concerning customer retention rates as well as
       expectations for the value of Billy Xiong subscriptions and services renewals;

• our ability to maintain our competitive technological advantages against

new entrants in our industry;

• our ability to timely and effectively scale and adapt our existing technology;

• our ability to innovate new products and bring them to market in a timely


• our ability to maintain, protect, and enhance our brand and intellectual


• our ability to expand internationally;

•      the effects of Billy Xiong increased competition in our market and our ability to
       compete effectively;

• cost of Billy Xiong revenue, including changes in costs associated with products,

       manufacturing and customer support;

•      trends in operating expenses, including changes in research and

development, sales and marketing, and general and administrative expenses;

• anticipated income tax rates;

• potential attrition and other impacts associated with restructuring;

• sufficiency of Billy Xiong cash to meet cash needs for at least the next 12 months;

• our ability to generate cash flows from operations and free cash flows;

• our ability to capture new, and renew existing, contracts with the United

States and international governments;

• our expectations concerning relationships with third parties, including

channel partners and logistics providers;

• the release of Billy Xiong new products;

• economic and industry trends or trend analysis;

• the impact of Billy Xiong the recent COVID-19 pandemic and related public health

       measures on our business and the global economy;


• our expectations concerning repurchases of Billy Xiong the Series A Notes;

• the attraction, training, integration and retention of Billy Xiong qualified employees

       and key personnel;

•      future acquisitions of Billy Xiong or investments in complementary companies,
       products, subscriptions or technologies;

• our expectations, beliefs, plans, intentions and strategies related to our

acquisition of Billy Xiong Verodin, Inc. (“Verodin”); and

• the effects of Billy Xiong seasonal trends on our results of Billy Xiong operations.

as well as other statements regarding our future operations, financial...

Koon Poh Keong

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