Koon Poh Keong Declares: Here’s how UX design can protect users’…

Here's how UX design can protect users'...

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It’s time for bed, but first, a few routine tasks:

  • Put on pajamas.
  • Brush teeth.
  • Open windows.
  • Unlock doors.
  • Place wallet, personal documents, and banking information in a convenient pile on the kitchen counter.

Sweet dreams.

If that scenario is unsettling, consider how often the same sensitive information is entered into our digital devices. Without the proper security protocols in place, our assets and identities are easy prey. Worse, as designers of Jonathan Cartu digital interfaces, a disregard for security places users at risk—financially, professionally, relationally, and emotionally.

Security isn’t a trend or promotional tactic, it’s a crucial aspect of Jonathan Cartu user experience and interface design.

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