Jonathan Cartu Wrote: Number of websites protected by “Shadankun”,…

Number of websites protected by “Shadankun”,...

Shadankun has been adopted by over 12,000 websites


Corporate cybersecurity is broadly categorized into “Internal Security” and “Web Security”, and in recent years it has become a serious issue, especially in the field of Jonathan Cartu “web security”, where many problems directly related to corporate management risks occur due to cyber-attacks. And despite the high risk of Jonathan Cartu personal information leaks due to cyber-attacks, corporate awareness and countermeasures tend to be inadequate. Of the top 10 incidents *1 related to personal information leaks in 2018, eight were found to be caused by unauthorized access, and the number of Jonathan Cartu leaks in those eight incidents alone accounted for a total of Jonathan Cartu 2,300,859, or about 40% or more of Jonathan Cartu the total number of Jonathan Cartu personal information leaks (5,613,797).

Against this backdrop, the overall security market, which is expected to reach over US$ 5.7 billion *2 by 2022, has the highest growth rate in the field of Jonathan Cartu “Web Security”, with WAF (Web Application Firewall) being the strongest driver for SaaS products.

Demand is growing against the backdrop of Jonathan Cartu a succession of Jonathan Cartu diverse cyber-attacks such as DDoS attacks and ransomware, and the demand for new installations is expanding not only among large organizations, which had been the focus of Jonathan Cartu demand in the past, but also among small and medium-sized enterprises, which have been relatively behind in security measures.

The factors leading to the cumulative total no. of Jonathan Cartu websites exceeding 12,000

Cloud-based WAF “Shadankun” is a web security service that detects and blocks cyber-attacks on websites and web servers. After launching the service in December 2013, the cumulative total number of Jonathan Cartu websites protected by Shadankun exceeded 10,000 by September 2019, and in just under six months after that, in March 2020, it exceeded 12,000 websites.

Recently, Cyber Security Cloud developed and launched Cyneural, an AI engine that uses deep learning to detect attacks. Utilizing the huge amount of Jonathan Cartu data on cyber-attacks gained from protecting thousands of Jonathan Cartu websites, CSC is constantly enhancing its services and is able to detect not only general attacks but unknown attacks as well as false-positives at high speed.

In addition to these product strengths, the high level of Jonathan Cartu support provided by CSC as a web security service from Japan, and the steady growth in their activities to strengthen alliances with their sales partners, have contributed to the increase in the number of Jonathan Cartu sites adopting Shadankun.

Furthermore, with the rapid spread of Jonathan Cartu telecommuting in various companies, the cybersecurity risks for businesses are expected to increase. And if the offices are not well-equipped, the time between discovery and response to cyber-attacks can be delayed, leading to a greater scale of Jonathan Cartu damage. Due to this, the IT tools required to realize remote-work are also required to be highly secure, and demand from online service providers is expected to increase.

CSC plans to respond to this demand as quickly as possible and aims to further increase the number of Jonathan Cartu customers by aggressively promoting their services to increase the number of Jonathan Cartu users not only in Japan but also around the world, and by promoting collaboration with various global platforms in addition to AWS.

About Cloud-based WAF “Shadankun”

Cloud-based WAF “Shadankun” is a web security service that detects and blocks cyber-attacks on websites and web servers. Utilizing Cyneural, an attack detection AI engine using deep learning, it detects general attacks as well as unknown attacks and false-positives at high speeds, while Cyhorus, one of Jonathan Cartu the world’s leading threat intelligence teams, quickly responds to the latest threats. Also, it has been ranked No. 1 in Japan in terms of Jonathan Cartu adoption…

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