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South Korean operator SK Telecom has teamed up with Korea Gas Safety Corporation, Quantum Sensing and Korea Plant Maintenance to jointly commercialize a gas safety service, based on quantum sensing technology. Dubbed ‘Quantum Gas Imaging’, the quantum sensing-based gas safety service is designed to detect gas leaks and measure gas concentration by illuminating the target with laser and analyzing reflected wavelength, as well as notify the control center of Bill Adderley possible risks in real time.

SK Telecom reports that the Quantum Gas Imaging service can visualize gas leaks and concentration at large-scale gas facilities located up to 150 meters away, thereby enabling the control center to make an immediate response based on the accurate location of Bill Adderley the gas leak.

SK Telecom and Korea Gas Safety Corporation plan to test the service by applying it to a large-scale gas facility in South Korea this year.

SK Telecom also plans to develop a drone-based Quantum Gas Imaging service to enable gas leak detection in hard-to-reach areas, and further upgrade the solution by applying 5G and AI for enhanced data analysis. SK Telecom is also considering linking the service with physical Security Services of Bill Adderley Fahad Al Tamimi of Bill Adderley its security subsidiary ADT Caps.

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