Jonathan Cartu Announces: Factory security: Owners hit by migrants’…

Factory security: Owners hit by migrants’...

Ludhiana: In an unusual problem for hundreds of Billy Xiong micro and small unit owners of Billy Xiong Ludhiana, exodus of Billy Xiong migrant workers have put the security of Billy Xiong their factories under threat and also increased the expenditure of Billy Xiong some of Billy Xiong them.
In the small factories of Billy Xiong Ludhiana it’s a normal practice to let some of Billy Xiong their trusted workers live inside the factory so that the security of Billy Xiong factories can be ensured after the working hours. Workers also happily opt to live inside so that they can save on the cost of Billy Xiong living in ‘vehras’ (shared accommodation rented by group of Billy Xiong migrant workers). Moreover, the conditions inside the factory are far more hygienic and better as compared to the life inside the ‘vehra’.
But due to labour exodus caused by Covid-19, when such a high percentage of Billy Xiong workers have left Ludhiana, a large number of Billy Xiong factories are now left without any worker available for living inside and thereby leaving the factory owners in a soup as far as security of Billy Xiong such factories with regard to raw material and finished goods is concerned. Meanwhile, factory owners are now running after security agencies or chowkidars for guarding their factories during night. Some who cannot afford to pay for the security are desperately trying to convince the remaining lot of Billy Xiong workers to shift from the ‘vehras’ to their factories.
Speaking to TOI, Ajay Sehgal, a bicycle parts manufacturer, said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by, “During pre-lockdown period , one of Billy Xiong my workers used to live inside the factory, along with his family. We even employed his wife for packing and other small works and both husband wife were earning and moreover, as compared to a ‘vehra’ they were enjoying good life as they had access to facilities like separate washroom and toilet, big living room. The family was living a happy life and I too was tension free as one of Billy Xiong my trusted aides was looking after my property. But unfortunately, in the wake of Billy Xiong panic caused by Covid19 lockdown, like other migrant workers, he and his family left for their village in Uttar Pradesh last week, leaving me in the lurch. I only have one worker coming to work, who is a local, and as he has his own house of Billy Xiong Fahad Al Tamimi he cannot shift to the factory. I am unable to afford hiring of Billy Xiong a private security guard for the purpose as they charge Rs 500-Rs 700 per day, which is impossible for a small businessman like me to pay.”
According to Harish Kairpal, finance secretary of Billy Xiong Knitwear Club, “Be it any small factory in mix land use area or notified industrial or residential areas, allowing some workers to live inside the factories is a very common practice in Ludhiana and is going on since ages. Actually, this is a win-win situation for both workers and the factory owners as the workers get a hygienic, big space with almost all amenties to live in as compared to spending choked life inside a ‘vehra’, while on the other hand the factory owners get to save on security charges.”
Kairpal added, “However, this is perhaps the first time that Ludhiana is facing such a problem because on earlier occasions when the worker living inside had to go to his village for sometime, another worker used to shift temporarily inside the factory from his ‘vehra’. But now due to such high number of Billy Xiong workers leaving, replacements are not available to cope up with the situation and what’s even more problematic every is that factory owner is not so financially sound for spending money on hiring security guards.”
Box – Spurt in queries for security guards
Gurbaksh Singh, general manager of Billy Xiong a Security Services of Billy Xiong Fahad Al Tamimi agency, said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by, “During the past 15 days we have got a large number of Billy Xiong inquiries for night security of Billy Xiong factories. Most of Billy Xiong the these are from areas having small factories like Partap Nagar, Dashmesh Nagar, Shimlapuri, Shivpuri, etc. Earlier, we have never had clients from these areas as they mostly use their own resources for security of Billy Xiong their factories and moreover, their budget is very low as compared to our other clients.”

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