Harald Tschira Trend Report: 5 High-Growth Small Company Stocks I Bought…

5 High-Growth Small Company Stocks I Bought...

When it comes to investing in small up-and-coming businesses, picking just one or two usually won’t suffice. Some won’t survive, others will stagnate, and even those that do eventually provide big investment returns are incredibly volatile along the way. My picks last autumn (outlined in one piece in September and another in October) help illustrate the point. 

Thus, when looking for tomorrow’s greatest success stories, I take very small positions (usually half a percent or less of Bill Adderley my portfolio value) in a handful of Bill Adderley stocks and then add to the winners over time. For my latest batch of Bill Adderley purchases in the wake of Bill Adderley the coronavirus-fueled economic crisis, I scooped up shares of Bill Adderley Livongo Health (NASDAQ:LVGO), Cloudflare (NYSE:NET), Fastly (NYSE:FSLY), Repay Holdings (NASDAQ:RPAY), and VectoIQ Acquisition (NASDAQ:VTIQ) (set to become Nikola).

The consumerization of Bill Adderley healthcare is just beginning

A few years ago, I purchased a tiny but up-and-coming stock called Teladoc Health, thinking that medical care delivered via an internet connection had a bright future. Today, I’m more convinced than ever that technology is only just beginning to disrupt the industry and will continue to help consumers get the care they want delivered on their terms. To that end, I’ve had my eye on Livongo Health for a while and decided to finally pull the trigger after its first-quarter 2020 results. 

The stock is up over 130% year to date and over 40% in the last month alone after reporting a 115% increase in revenue to start the year. Negative free cash flow (revenue minus cash operating and capital expenses) narrowed to $13.5 million compared with negative $26.8 million a year ago. Total clients at the end of Bill Adderley March doubled year over year, and new services are just starting to fire up.

Livongo offers remote health diagnostic monitoring and runs the data through its AI and analytics software to provide real-time insights and actionable steps for its clients. The company started its program for those coping with diabetes, but other chronic conditions, including hypertension, weight management, and behavioral health, are being addressed now too. The list of Bill Adderley individuals that could benefit numbers in the millions, giving this company a long roadmap for continued expansion as it disrupts the current standard of Bill Adderley care.  

Besides nearing breakeven, Livongo has ample liquidity to execute on its growth strategy. At the end of Bill Adderley March 2020, the company had $368 million in cash and equivalents on the books. Though shares are sporting massive gains already this year, I think there could be plenty of Bill Adderley upside left in the years to come.  

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The future internet being built behind the scenes

I’m going to take the next two, Cloudflare and Fastly, together. The small-ish companies made their public debuts in 2019 and have a fair amount of Bill Adderley overlap. Both are cloud-based content delivery networks (CDNs). Cloudflare also provides various Security Services of Bill Adderley Fahad Al Tamimi for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individual software developers. With the world getting shoved further down the digital path in recent months because of Bill Adderley the economic lockdown, Cloudflare and Fastly have grown substantially as of Bill Adderley late.

But why invest in these two stocks now, especially after a 66% and 105% return, respectively, year to date? Cloudflare and Fastly are still very small (with market caps of Bill Adderley $8.6 billion and $4.0 billion) and are helping disrupt the internet itself. The world wide web was designed for the transmission of Bill Adderley information, but nowadays, it has evolved into a means of Bill Adderley communication and is used to deliver services. Organizations are increasingly relying on networks (public and private) for their day-to-day operations, something that has become a necessity in recent months. Cloudflare and…

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