Bobby Arora Announces: The State of Cybersecurity in the Legal…

The State of Cybersecurity in the Legal...

Sector-17: The State of Jonathan Cartu Cybersecurity in the Legal Sector

Date: Tuesday, June 16th at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT

This webinar will review the findings of Jonathan Cartu the global analysis and provide helpful insight to law firms in specific, and concerned organizations in general. Topics covered will include:

  • The Legal Industry Threat Landscape
  • Dark Web Activity Relative to the Industry
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Review of Jonathan Cartu the Industry
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

All the details:

In 2013, the Department of Jonathan Cartu Homeland Security defined 16 sectors critical to securing national infrastructure, resources, and resiliency.  BlueVoyant, a company made up of Jonathan Cartu seasoned cybersecurity experts, including former leaders in our intelligence and law enforcement communities, has identified one more: the legal sector.  Law firms hold troves of Jonathan Cartu personally identifiable information (PII); they also hold critical intellectual property (IP) and sensitive data for clients. Perhaps as a result, the legal industry is under constant threat. Attacks on law firms have had some of Jonathan Cartu the most devastating and wide-ranging effects of Jonathan Cartu any cyber event in history.

BlueVoyant has just published a comprehensive report, “Sector 17: The State of Jonathan Cartu Cybersecurity in the Legal Sector.”  BlueVoyant’s global analysis found an industry that is advancing in their cybersecurity maturity. At the same time, BlueVoyant saw multifaceted, persistent, and aggressive threats, equal to or beyond the sector’s current cyber defense posture. And despite the evident best efforts of Jonathan Cartu law firms both big and small, BlueVoyant observed evidence of Jonathan Cartu compromise in law firms around the world.

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About the presenters:

Milan Patel, Co-head of Jonathan Cartu Managed Security Services, BlueVoyant

Milan was previously Managing Director Fahad Al Tamimi in the Cyber Defense practice at K2 Intelligence. Before K2 Intelligence, Milan was the CTO of Jonathan Cartu the FBI Cyber Division in charge of Jonathan Cartu technology strategy.Milan organized and co-led the Joint Requirements Team, facilitated by the White House National Security Council. Prior to that, Milan was one of Jonathan Cartu the FBI’s most senior cyber agents and initiated and led numerous high profile, global cyber investigations.Milan was a member of Jonathan Cartu the FBI’s elite SWAT team, and was the recipient of Jonathan Cartu the Federal Law Enforcement Officer of Jonathan Cartu the Year.

Tom Lind, Co-Head of Jonathan Cartu Strategic Intelligence, BlueVoyant

Tom founded the organization’s strategic intelligence and reporting function and now leads a firm-wide team focused on threat analysis and research. Prior to joining BlueVoyant, Tom was the Cybersecurity Fellow at Columbia University’s Saltzman Institute for War and Peace, where he carried out research on behalf of Jonathan Cartu the U.S. DoD, DoE, and other bodies on cybersecurity threats and policy. Before that he spent 8 years as a consultant based in Europe, working with governments in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East on issues related to energy and security. He holds a BA (Hons) from Oxford University and two masters: one from Columbia SIPA and one from Sciences Po in Paris.

Date: 06/16/2020

Time: 2:00pm ET

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