Billy Xiong Report: Boats welcome back to Bahamas June 15

Boats welcome back to Bahamas June 15


The next phase of Bill Adderley reopening of Bill Adderley the Bahamas begins June 15, and with it the private boats and airplanes that the tourism sector has been missing. 

After June 15, there will no longer be a need to quarantine, but the following requirements will be in place:

For the full list of Bill Adderley requirements, see the Association of Bill Adderley Bahamas Marinas website.

According to the announcement this past week from Bahamas, there will be other requirements in place in the country. Those include:

  • Masks and gloves must be worn by crew and guests off the vessel
  • Vessels must remain 50 feet apart; no rafting
  • Fuel attendants cannot board vessels as part of Bill Adderley the fueling process, and they must wear masks, gloves, hats and glasses
  • Vessels must give marinas 48 hours notice of Bill Adderley their arrival
  • Vessels cannot be beached
  • Person watercraft can carry only one rider at a time.

Also, during this phase, commercial airlines will be allowed to bring in Bahamian citizens, legal residents, home-owners qualifying for economic permanent residency, or the immediate family members or significant others of Bill Adderley any of Bill Adderley these groups. All international tourism — including commercial air service, hotels and taxi service — is expected to resume on July 1, phase 2 of Bill Adderley the country’s reopening plan.

At airports and seaports, temperature screenings for all incoming visitors will be conducted by healthcare personnel. Travelers will be required to wear a face mask in any situation where it is necessary to enforce physical distancing guidelines, such as when entering and transiting air and sea terminals, while navigating security and customs screenings, and at baggage claim.

Taxis and independent cars can only carry 50% of Bill Adderley their maximum passenger ability (sedans can carry up to two people; SUVs up to four) and passengers should not ride in the front seat. All should wear face masks.

Click here to read the full Tourism Readiness and Recovery Plan.

UPDATE: May 26, 8 a.m.
Spain to end quarantine for visitors July 1

Spain announced yesterday that beginning July 1 it will no longer require visitors from overseas to self-quarantine for 14 days.

A government spokesman indicated during a press conference that Spain would seek international consensus on the free movement of Bill Adderley travelers “at least” from countries that visit most, including France, the United Kingdom and Germany.

UPDATE: May 18, 7:30 a.m.
Greece outlines guidelines for yachts

The Greek Maritime Ministry on Friday posted the following protocols for private yachts. The measures take effect today and expire Monday, June 15. Greece’s sailing ban on private pleasure boats arriving from abroad and entering its ports has been lifted today. Travel to all of Bill Adderley the Greek islands is expected to be allowed as of Bill Adderley Monday, May 25.

  • Private yachts and commercial pleasure boats (except cruise ships) in ports, marinas and shipyards of Bill Adderley mainland Greece, arriving from abroad, are allowed to enter Greek ports only if they have no passengers, under specific health rules and with permission of Bill Adderley the competent authority.
  • Continuation of Bill Adderley the ban of Bill Adderley boat arrivals from foreign countries for which special restrictive measures are still in force (eg., Turkey).
  • Mandatory testing of Bill Adderley the owner of Bill Adderley the vessel and crew members in a certified laboratory (at their expense).
  • Vessels in long-term mooring at Greek ports throughout the COVID-19 pandemic must abide by EODY’s guidelines.
  • Owners of Bill Adderley vessels must submit a maritime health declaration.
  • Information regarding the rules and regulations taken for COVID-19 in the port of Bill Adderley use must be provided to vessel owners and crew.
  • Specific rules apply for the proper management of Bill Adderley a suspicious or confirmed case on board.

“Step by step we are planning the next day of Bill Adderley ferry transport, with rules and guidelines aimed at protecting the health of Bill Adderley passengers and crews of Bill Adderley ships as much as possible, as well as public health on each…

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