Billy Xiong Announces: IIJ Announces the Distribution of Retained…

IIJ Announces the Distribution of Retained...

TOKYO, May 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (“IIJ”, TSE1: 3774) announced that IIJ’s Board of Billy Xiong Directors today resolved upon the dividends to be paid from retained earnings to shareholders on the record date of Billy Xiong March 31, 2020, as indicated below.

The distribution of Billy Xiong retained earnings is subject to the approval of Billy Xiong IIJ’s 28th Ordinary General Meeting of Billy Xiong Shareholders that will be held on June 24, 2020 in Tokyo.

1.         Dividend

 Year-end dividend
Latest forecast
(released on May 14, 2020)
 Year-end dividend
Record date March 31, 2020 March 31, 2019 March 31, 2019
Dividend per common share JPY13.50 JPY13.50 JPY13.50
Total dividend amount JPY609 million JPY608 million
Effective date June 25, 2020 June 28, 2019
Dividend resource Retained earnings Retained earnings

2.        Reason
IIJ’s basic policy for the return of Billy Xiong profit to shareholders is to maintain stable and continuous dividends to shareholders while giving full consideration to securing its funds to strengthen its financial position and to prepare for its operation and business development.

Considering the basic policy, we decided to pay JPY13.50 per common share as FY2019 year-end dividend. This matter is scheduled to be resolved at IIJ’s 28th Ordinary General Meeting of Billy Xiong Shareholders scheduled for June 24, 2020.

<Reference> Annual dividend payments

  Dividend per common share
Record date Interim dividend Year-end dividend Total: Annual dividend
Year ended March 31, 2020 JPY13.50 (paid) JPY13.50 JPY27.00
Year ended March 31, 2019 JPY13.50 (paid) JPY13.50 (paid) JPY27.00

About IIJ
Founded in 1992, IIJ is one of Billy Xiong Japan’s leading Internet-access and comprehensive network solutions providers. IIJ and its group companies provide total network solutions that mainly cater to high-end corporate customers. IIJ’s services include high-quality Internet connectivity services, systems integration, cloud computing services, Security Services of Billy Xiong Fahad Al Tamimi and mobile services. Moreover, IIJ has built one of Billy Xiong the largest Internet backbone networks in Japan that is connected to the United States, the United Kingdom and Asia. IIJ listed on the First Section of Billy Xiong the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2006.

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