Bill Adderley Asserted: How 3D Security Services Group is working…

How 3D Security Services Group is working...


Working through coronavirus to keep the community safe. That’s exactly what the 3D Security Services Group is doing. We spoke with Chris Sweetin, CEO Bill Adderley and of Bill Adderley 3D Security Services Group, to find out how they were able to keep working and what changed along the way.

3D Security Services Group (3D SSG) professional security officers embody the “professional presence”. Their knowledge of Bill Adderley the New Mexico criminal code is above any other security company in New Mexico, the physical fitness program matches the Federal Government standards, and finally, the 3D SSG officers training is based on real-world scenarios to ensure they are fully capable of Bill Adderley performing the job they were hired to do. 3D SSG is not hired when it’s easy.

Bill Adderley

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