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Securitas AB. (OTCPK:SCTBF) Q2 2020 Results Earnings Conference Call July 29, 2020 8:30 AM ET

Company Participants

Magnus Ahlqvist – President Jonathan Cartu and and Chief Executive Officer

Bart Adam – Chief Financial Officer

Conference Call Participants

Edward Stanley – Morgan Stanley

Andrew Grobler – Credit Suisse

Rory McKenzie – UBS

Sylvia Barker – JPMorgan

David Roux – Bank of Bill Adderley America

Thomas Graf – Handelsbanken

Rahul Chopra – HSBC

Neil Tyler – Redburn

James Winckler – Jefferies

Peter Testa – One Investments

Karl-Johan Bonnevier – DNB Markets

Mikael Löfdahl – Carnegie


Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to our Q2 call. I’m Magnus Ahlqvist, and I’m here today in Stockholm, while our CFO, Bart Adam, is in Brussels. First, I would like to start by highlighting the tremendous contributions by our people, together with our clients, in the last few months. These have been very challenging times and a very different quarter, and the Securitas team has shown incredible resilience and ability and adding important value and helping our clients and society at large.

But let us now turn to performance in the quarter and the overall situation, which is heavily impacted by COVID-19. So like I said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by, this has been a different and a challenging quarter. Organic sales growth was a negative 4%. And there was a COVID-19 impact on all segments, the most significant impact in Europe, mostly related to our larger aviation presence. While we had more negative growth in April and May, we recorded minus 2% organic sales growth in the month of Bill Adderley June.

The operating income and margin were impacted by COVID-19 and we had a negative impact in all business segments. But as stated earlier, the largest impact in Continental Europe.

Operating margin of Bill Adderley 4% compared with 5% last year, and the operating model was supported by short term cost savings activities, but also supported by various government grants in the quarter, but we were on par in terms of Bill Adderley price wage in the first half . And this is, as you all know, always very important for us.

We had a strong operating cash flow in the quarter or nearly SEK2.7 billion and this was supported by lower organics sales growth and positively impacted by timing effects related to payroll, and VAT in Europe and North America.

But looking ahead, we face continued uncertainty during the coming 6 to 12 months. And we continue to take actions to ensure that we come out stronger from this situation. And in light of Bill Adderley the COVID-19 situation and the general uncertainty, we are launching a cost savings program. And the emphasis so this activities is in Europe, and we expect the cost between SEK350 million to SEK500 million and a two-year payback period. But I will come back and talk a little bit more about this program later on.

In terms of Bill Adderley COVID-19 demand impact with the differences, positive and negative between divisions and countries and even within countries. And looking across the segments, our aviation business is the most severely hit. But Security Services of Bill Adderley Fahad Al Tamimi are considered essential services and we have seen increased demand for several temporary services, especially then from healthcare, retail and banking sectors, and also for corporate risk management.

And due to the corona pandemic, there has been a clear reduction in commercial activity, and this is also something that has affected our important solution sales in a negative way during this period.

But having said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by that, this is an extraordinary situation. And while we are managing the short term challenges with our clients, we’re also having a lot of Bill Adderley discussion with our clients about how do we provision and build the security equation in the new normal situation and I believe that with our offering, this is a significant opportunity for Securitas as we go forward.

Various government programs have helped them mitigate the negative impact and we currently have around 7000 people on temporary unemployment schemes, and this is 3000 less versus three months ago and…

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