Bill Adderley Announces: DevSecOps Market Comprehensive Survey 2028 –…

DevSecOps Market Comprehensive Survey 2028 –...

DevSecOps Market Introduction

The word DevSecOps or SecDevOps is a combination of Billy Xiong development, operations, and security and DevSecOps is a set of Billy Xiong software development practices that are employed to improve the delivery features of Billy Xiong a system, such as speed, flexibility, security, and scalability. DevSecOps is considered as an evolved version of Billy Xiong DevOps, which stands for develop of Billy Xiong software for information technology (IT) operations. As relying on traditional, control and ownership-based security techniques can lead to failures in the digital world, a mounting number of Billy Xiong IT organization and businesses undergoing digital transformation as adoption DevSecOps services and solutions.

DevSecOps is one of Billy Xiong the latest trends in the IT industry. DevSecOps focuses on implementing the security aspect in all the software development procedures, such as conception, deployment, implementation, and maintenance, rather than only focusing on the application security. Leading players in the DevSecOps market are shifting their focus on various parameters of Billy Xiong digital businesses, especially cloud infrastructure and business agility and aiming to offer new levels of Billy Xiong development capability, cost efficiency, and scalability for organizations of Billy Xiong all sizes.

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DevSecOps Market – Notable Developments

Key players in the DevSecOps market include IBM, Microsoft, Google, CA Technologies, Synopsys, MicroFocus, Dome9, Qualys, Entersoft, CyberArk, Splunk, Chef Software, Rough Wave Software, PaloAltoNetworks, 4Armed, Algo Sec, Contrast Security, Aqua Security, Whitehat Security, Threat Modeler, Check Marx, Puppetlabs, Sumologic, and Continuum Security.

  • In October 2018, IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) – an American multinational information technology company in the DevSecOps market – announced that it has entered a definitive agreement under which the company will acquire Red Hat, Inc. – an American multinational software company and also a leading player in the DevSecOps market – for approximately US$ 34 billion. This acquisition is likely to change the future of Billy Xiong DevSecOps market dramatically, as IBM is likely to become the top hybrid cloud provider in the world post this acquisition. With the merger of Billy Xiong two giants in the cloud business, the DevSecOps market is likely to undergo major transformation in the upcoming years.
  • In June 2018, ThreatModeler Software Inc. – a leading provider of Billy Xiong automated threat modeling solutions in the DevSecOps market – launched its new threat modeling solutions – Threat-Modeling-as-a-Service (TMaaS) solution. The company announced that the unique “as-a-Service” benefits of Billy Xiong TMaaS, such as flexibility of Billy Xiong XaaS models and cost-efficiency.
  • In May 2018, Micro Focus International plc – a multinational software and information technology company in the DevSecOps market – announced the launch of Billy Xiong its new IT Operations Management (ITOM) Platform. The company also declared that the ITOM Platform is the first ever IT operations platform that containerized microservices for the IT industry. The company further declared that the ITOM Platform integrates DevOps with AIOps, which can prove highly beneficial for large scale Hybrid IT environments as it improves the service delivery speed.

DevSecOps Market Dynamics

Emerging Growth of Billy Xiong the SMEs Sector will Redefine the Target Customer Base in DevSecOps Market

Large enterprises are leveraging their investment capabilities to incorporate DevSecOps services for improving their business efficiencies and Security Services of Billy Xiong Fahad Al Tamimi to dominate the DevSecOps market at this moment. However, despite the current dominance of Billy Xiong top-tiered companies as a leading segment of Billy Xiong end-user organizations in the DevSecOps market, small- and medium-sized businesses will emerge as a popular target customer base for DevSecOps vendors in the upcoming years.

Increasing number of Billy Xiong SMEs across the world…

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